Saturday, 25 February 2012

My first real post...

  This is my very first post as I copied one from my sister, Queen Susan. Thanks, sis!
  It's been really sunny lately - so sunny, I've taken to wandering the woods with  Belle, my beautiful mare, and my Painting Kit. My sketchbook, paints, brush, pencils, and pens are all gathered in my pack. The Dryads danced for me today. I tried to capture their movement in my paint-pad, of which I failed miserably!
 The boys are swimming (again!), and they've convinced some merpeople to join them. What fun! I'll go for a dip now!
 Your Queen


GuineaPiggyGirl said...

nice! : )


bethy said...

Sweet post Lucy dear!

Anne said...

Cool blog! Write more posts. They are great.

Maddy said...

It's such a lovely post :)